Too many unfinished projects?

What if you could finally finish one (or more!) projects in just four weeks and create a plan to tackle the rest? Awesome, right?

Unfinished projects don't have to weigh on you.

The Finishing Project workshop offers expert guidance and an inspiring community to swiftly move you forward on any memory keeping or scrapbooking project.

This online experience will help you:

  • Immediately tackle your project backlog,
  • Experience the pride of finishing, and
  • Develop skills to keep making progress.

"The class is a great tool to help with breaking those unfinished projects into clear and manageable steps. Jennifer is a great mentor to help make the choices and decisions of what to finish and what to leave."


What's Included with Your Purchase

The Finishing Project will teach you how to be a scrapbooker who confidently and consistently finishes projects while gently guiding you through the process using your own real-life example.

  • 4-week, self-paced workshop | Syllabus
  • Full-color handouts with project examples and ideas
  • Customizable, printable worksheets you can use again
  • Twice-weekly instructor audio messages with transcripts
  • Scheduled check-ins to maintain momentum and focus
  • Private workshop community on Facebook
  • Ongoing classroom access at Simple Scrapper

You can be a finisher!

Since 2008 I’ve helped memory keepers complete projects that nourish their creative needs and satisfy deep-rooted desires to get specific stories told.

You started these projects for a reason. This workshop will help you remember your unique "why" so you can finally eliminate the guilt of unfinished projects.

And after all, finishing projects is just more fun.


"If you feel overwhelmed by all the online classes you have purchased (and not finished) and you think that buying another online class cannot be the answer, well it is. Jennifer provides practical advice to get you focused and finishing!"


Instead of starting something new, start finishing!

With your enrollment in The Finishing Project you will receive customized tools you can use again and again to complete photo books, mini albums, pocket page albums, and (traditional or digital) layout-focused albums. You will reconnect with an unfinished project and see it through to the end with ease and intention.

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"Often as scrappers we craft in isolation and put funny limitations or 'rules' on ourselves about what is considered 'the right way' or 'the best way' to scrapbook and what constitutes a completed project. When what we really need is a community of crafters to encourage, spur us on and challenge those so called 'rules' so that we can reach our scrappy goals. The Finishing Project provides the framework, tools and community to do just that."