Simple scrapbooking is doing what works for you.

As a woman juggling it all, I know you're a pro at "doing what works." You've mastered meal planning, not-often-enough date nights, and soccer camp, all while trying to eek out a few moments to document this amazing (and sometimes crazy) life.

Yet, you still feel the weight of all the photos you haven't scrapbooked. I see you hunting for new trends, techniques, and tools to finally get it all under control. I see you continually reaching for more ideas and inspiration, but ultimately feeling stuck and even overwhelmed when it comes to your memory keeping.

My name is Jennifer Wilson.

I'm the founder of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. I believe that women who embrace permission to write their own rules of scrapbooking feel the most productive and fulfilled.

Simple Scrapbooking School is where I teach you how.

Simple Scrapbooking School is for you if you love scrapbooking, but find it difficult to make it happen as part of a busy life. You might even question what it really means to be a scrapbooker in this age of mobile photography and online sharing.

What you're certain of is simple: you want to do more with your photos and feel less resistance along the way. You want a clear path through the endless array of options that can make it hard to figure out what actually does work for you.

It's all possible. Because when you pause to truly personalize your process, you can reconnect with the absolute best source of ideas and inspiration: your own life.

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I had almost stopped scrapbooking.

When I first started following you, I had almost stopped scrapbooking. I just couldn't give myself permission to take the time and I felt too overwhelmed by how many pictures I wanted to scrapbook. I'm happy to say you have helped me see it as an important priority and how I can take this "elephant" of a challenge one bite at a time. I just finished an album for my daughter of her childhood pictures!


Ready to create more consistently?

Simple Scrapbooking School will help you discover exactly what works for you in memory keeping through fun reflective prompts and creative exercises. This self-study program is built upon a framework I've been teaching since 2013. When you enroll in class, you'll receive a polished experience in our online classroom, supported by our team of scrapbookers just like you. Here's what you'll receive with your purchase:

  • Four action-oriented course modules

  • Downloadable audio tracks for on-the-go

  • Printable companion course workbook

  • Ongoing instructor
    Q&A sessions

Get this Classwith a Simple Scrapper membership